Basic of interior design

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3 hours Course

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This course will cover one topic at the time.
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The course focuses on how to use colours, which in itself is a fundamental element in almost every artistic project, especially in interior design. By the end of the course, you will know how to create an atmosphere using colour, its psychological impact and its effect on space.

Module 1. Colour wheel

Module 2. Colour characteristics :

  • value
  • tone
  • shade
  • saturation

Module 3. Colour language

Module 4. The impact of light on colour

Module 5. Colour, light and effects on the perception on space

Module 6. How to create an ambience

Module 7. Colour family games: hot and cold, gradient, etc

Module 8. Proportion and stability in decorating

Module 9. Create colour harmony

Module 10. Interaction between colours and their maturity

Module 11. Perceptions games

Module 12. Colour, material and ambience research

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