Togolese born French designer and entrepreneur, Mable AGBODAN is very passionate about art and design. She is the founder and CEO of MILLE COULEURS AFRICA (in Lomé), a subsidiary of MILLE COULEURS LONDON. The company in both parts of the world specializes in luxury interior design.

Highly regarded in the design industry in countries such as the UK, France and Africa; today Mable’s ambition is to put her expertise which she has gathered over the years while working for high-end clients, into every project she undertakes.

In 2014, she launched MILLE ARTS, a virtual art gallery that houses works of talented artists in Africa. The innovative idea was born when Mable came up with the idea to showcase rare art created by undiscovered and amazing artists in Africa, thus giving back in the process.

With the knowledge that these artists are often underrepresented in major art galleries across the world or even unknown; Mable was able to help them by displaying their work to an international audience, thanks to her knowledge and witnessing of the development of an appetite for African art in England and the US in particular.

With the success of Mille ARTS came MILLE BOUTIQUE, an online boutique which offers uniquely designed and ethnic products. The goal here is to provide clients with original items and bring products designed by artisans from around the world (especially Africa – Togolese in particular) under one roof, for the convenience of our clients who appreciate the finest in luxury and rare gift ideas.